In the current digital era and this pandemic, situation kids are usually found to playing games. Most people usually play on the system as they need to play safer and without getting any virus in the system. Game lovers never stop playing and this current situation is in their favor they can play whenever they want to play.

But some games are not in their reach that they love to play on their system. They look for a copy of the masterpiece so they can enjoy their favorite games.  Many sites are working for this purpose but most of the are contain viruses so it will not be safer for your system. Codex games are for this purpose to help people to download the games without getting any virus into their system.

 Accessibility of all types of games

Codex games gave a superior collection of favorite games and you can download it free from there. It is way of easily reachable to game lovers. So, you don’t have to waste time on other links or other sites for free games. You can enjoy your favorite game through this site. Codex gives the code or cracks to download your favorite game on the system.  There is a huge famous games collection in it and one of the best games Dead by Daylight also available on this site.

The crack of Dead by Daylight

Dead by daylight is a fantastic Asymmetric Survival Horror Game, it’s very addictive and loved by hundreds of people. It’s a kind of survival game that makes you go deep in the game and you totally IOs in the game world. Codex games give a crack to this game it suits PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Google Stadia, and Android. You can easily Download through this site and can enjoy this game. It is a horror survival game in which the player has to be a savage killer to survive the game world and has to face difficult things during play. The availability of this game on the codex site makes it easier for the player to play their favorite game.

Requirements of Codex Games

 As we know Codex games give free access to games it gives copies of the most wanted games to the people.  People can download through their given codes or cracks and can enjoy their favorite game Dead by Daylight fully.  This game is very high in GB so your device must contain more than 8 Gb for the installment of Dead by daylight. Codex Games required some kind of situation or things that are suitable for games to install in the system. Like there is required of a specific system that can handle the full process of downloading this game on the device. The requirements are Window 10 or higher, Random access memory 8 Gb, Video memory more than 1 GB, keyboard and mouse integrated, Processor Intel Core i3-4170, AMD HD 6850 1GB are some requirements that Codex games required to download Dead by Daylight in the device.

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